Welcome to the BioPhotonic Scanner Wellness Program

The BioPhotonic Scanner & Antioxidant Therapies | The Measurable Difference

Welcome to the BioPhotonic Scanner Wellness Program

Thank you for your interest in the BioPhotonic Scanner and Antioxidant Program.

Based on Nobel Prize-winning science the BioPhotonic S3 Scanner represents a culmination of over 15 years of research and development at a cost of over $150M. It is the only patented instrument that in 30 seconds conducts a live non-invasive tissue measurement and provides an immediate personal antioxidant assessment.

With more than 17 million scans performed worldwide since 2003, the BioPhotonic Scanner has revolutionized the way we look at our health. Pharmanex is the exclusive owner of the patented BioPhotonic Scanner technology. Developed by scientists and doctors at a top U.S research university, the scanner is the world’s first and only clinically proven tool that measures carotenoid antioxidant levels non-invasively in living human tissue.
“The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live.”
Richard Cutler, MD, Former Director of Anti-Aging Research, National Institute of Health
“Low levels of antioxidant vitamins may increase the risk of several chronic diseases.”
Journal of American Medical Association, June 19th, 2002

How do you and your patients know nutritional supplements are really working?

The answer is the NEW S3 Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner!

For Healthcare, Fitness, and Wellness Professionals, we offer a Turnkey Total Wellness Program with Lifetime Monitoring that includes not only the measurement device but also the only clinically proven solution with nutritional therapies listed in the PDR and guaranteed to work!

In addition, the program could potentially add thousands of dollars per year to the bottom line of the provider’s practice while improving the patient’s overall wellness.

  • Direct benefits to the practice include new patient/client acquisition, patient/client recall, patient/client retention, patient/client compliance, and a residual income that you keep even if you sell your practice/business.

Approximately 75% of your patients are buying nutritional supplements with no guarantee that they are effective.
Are you losing $50,000 in YOUR practice?

Get started today and offer the world’s most advanced, science-based anti-aging supplements available and capture that lost revenue.

Pharmanex is the only nutritional supplement company that can provide you with a non-invasive, accurate, fast and convenient way to determine your patients antioxidant status – and whether the supplements are actually providing adequate levels of protection for your patients.

StevieWinner2005_smNSE was awarded a 2005 American Business Award at the annual American Business Awards ceremony in New York City on June 6, 2005. NSE won the award in the Most Innovative Company category for the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner. The award was given in recognition of the Scanner for the Most Innovative Company among contenders with more than 2,500 employees, competing against other finalists like Oracle Corporation and PACCAR Inc. The previous year’s winner in the same category was United Parcel Service (UPS). NSE was recognized among other top companies that included AT&T, Procter & Gamble, Sprint, and Intuit and was the only direct selling company to receive a 2005 American Business Award.